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Buy covid-19 vaccine passport, safely and cheap. As of September 15, all passengers aged two and over traveling by air to the US.

Must provide a negative COVID-19 test  and a vaccine passport performed within three calendar days before travel.

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Travelers to the United States  or any other country can also provide documentation.

From a licensed health care provider stating that they no longer have COVID-19 within 90 days of travel.

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A number of countries have started to lift lockdown restrictions for people who don’t have the covid-19 passport and the vaccine certificate.

EU digital COVID certificate online
EU digital COVID certificate online

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The EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation entered into application on 01 July 2022.

EU citizens and residents will now be able to have their Digital COVID Certificates issued and verified across the EU.

Research says they have seen a sharp increase in vaccine-related darknet adverts, while BBC has been unable to verify if the vaccines are real.

Sellers of vaccines appear to be from the US, UK, Spain, Germany, France and Russia. 

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EU digital COVID certificate
EU digital COVID certificate
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EU digitaal COVID-certificaat
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